Can an NYC Auto Accident Cause a Brain Injury?

Traumatic Brain Injuries From Car Accidents

With the additional safety features available in many late model automobiles, life-threatening injuries as a result of a car accident are thankfully reduced. However, depending on the degree of impact, and the point of impact, brain injuries can result from a car accident. The law firm of Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. P.C. is currently representing an individual who suffered severe personal injuries, including a mild traumatic brain injury, as the result of a rear-end accident that occurred in Long Island, New York. The individual who was the driver of the vehicle that was struck in the rear sustained multiple injuries and continues to experience physical, cognitive and emotional difficulties. The collision was a four-car multi-vehicle accident.

Fusion Surgery

The firm’s client required surgical intervention in her neck which consisted of fusion and the insertion of a metal plate with screws in her neck region. Like all surgery, there are never any guarantees and the client experienced complications following the fusion surgery. She now has a lingual weakness as well as speech difficulty, word-finding difficulty and a significantly strained voice due to muscle tension dysphonia. She has also been unable to work since the accident that occurred more than one year ago.

The case is currently pending in Suffolk County Supreme Court, located in Riverhead, Long Island.

Additional PIP Coverage

Thankfully, the client had additional personal injury protection, commonly referred to as PIP coverage, which allowed her to receive the expensive treatment she has required after the accident. The minimum limit of personal injury protection required in New York State is only fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) and medical bills after a serious car accident can quickly exceed that amount. The additional PIP coverage also allows her to continue to receive lost wages from her own insurance company.

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