What is a Transverse Fracture in a NYC Car Accident?

The framework of the human body is supported by bones. The bones that make up the human body are designed so that they can sustain large amounts of pressure. However, we are after all, “only human,” and when the pressure increases so much that the bone is not able to handle it, then it may crack or even shatter causing a fracture. This may happen after a serious automobile accident. Transverse Fractures may be due to any of the following:

  • A strike to the bone as the result of a
  • Falling from a height
  • Falling on uneven surfaces
  • Activities like dancing or high-impact sports

What Are Some of the Symptoms of a Transverse Fracture?

A Transverse Fracture may cause severe pain where the bone was impacted and there may even be bruising or swelling. An individual involved in an auto accident in NYC that suffers a transverse fracture, may hear a popping or a snapping sound of the bone-cracking or snapping. A visible deformity at the place of the injury with skin discoloration may also be seen in a Transverse Fracture. If the fracture occurs in the bones of the extremities then the individual will likely not be able to move it.

What Type Of Treatment is Available for Transverse Fractures?

Well, depends on the extent of the fracture. A minor crack in the bone may be treated by refraining the fractured bone with a sling or bandage and pain medication such as aspirin or Tylenol may be indicated to reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation to allow the fracture to heal. Elevating the fractured bone may be beneficial as well, but of course, this is subject to the advice of medical professionals. A major injury as the result of a car accident where there is a complete break of the bone may require that the injured driver or passenger be taken directly to a hospital by ambulance for emergency care and treatment.

A sling or splint to immobilize the area and allow the fracture to heal may be prescribed by a hospital physician or subsequent treating physician where a transverse fracture occurs. If the hip or the pelvis is broken, then the individual involved in the car accident may need extended bed rest and miss time from school or work. Missed time from work and the associated wages lost are recoverable through no-fault, that is, your own insurance company and your lawyer should handle this for you, while you focus on getting better.

When the bone is fractured but has not moved out of alignment, then a cast may be most appropriate for the bone to be set in place allowing the fracture to heal. If the bones have moved out alignment, then surgical intervention, such as open reduction internal fixation may be required to realign the bones and a cast may be placed, allowing the fracture to heal.
Surgical procedures are usually only indicated for open or compound fractures where the impact of the injury causes the bones to move out of their alignment and sometimes even protrude out of the skin surface. The consultation with and advice of a seasoned orthopedic surgeon is most important in this situation. There are no guarantees that surgeries will be successful and complications may, and do, result so the decision to undergo surgery should be carefully considered and discussed with your doctor.

Do Transverse Fractures Take a Long Time to Heal?

A Transverse Fracture may take several weeks to several months to heal depending on the extent of the injury. Usually, however, it takes between six to eight weeks for Transverse Fractures to completely heal in adults, while healthy children, not surprisingly, recover quicker. Oh, to be young again…

Once a transverse fracture has healed, strengthening exercises and range of motion exercises to decrease stiffness and strengthen the muscles surrounding the bone are often prescribed and the car accident victim can see a physical therapist for help in this regard. Exercises will be done at a physical therapy facility and the physical therapist will likely advise that similar home exercises be done to aid in the recovery process.

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