NYC SUV Rollover Accidents

While any motor vehicle accident can be extremely devastating and result in serious injuries, accidents involving so-called sport utility vehicles, or SUV for short, can be even more damaging. SUVs began their life as military vehicles to be used by the United States Army. Their popularity among mainstream consumers really took off in the 1990s, and subsequently, many different variations were introduced by essentially all major automotive manufacturers. Many different varieties of SUVs also hit the market, varying in size, passenger capacity and performance.

The Dangers of SUV Rollovers

The prevalence of SUV rollover accidents may be attributable to many different things:
• SUVs have major blind spots, not unlike those of a tractor-trailer simply because of their length and long wheelbase.
• SUVs have a higher center of gravity than a traditional automobile and can increase the chance of a rollover accident.
• An SUV operator may have a tendency to “over-correct” if an SUV leaves the roadway, causing the vehicle to become out-of-control and fishtail.
• While engaging in high speed turns, such as when navigating an on or off-ramp on a thruway, the chances of a rollover are increased.
• In snow and other bad weather conditions, drivers of SUVs sometimes feel emboldened to drive at higher rates of speed than prudent given the weather conditions, as being in an SUV gives them unrestricted confidence.

SUV Rollovers Can Result in Serious Injuries or Worse

Although SUVs are often marketed for their safety features, it is not uncommon for the roof of an SUV to collapse if involved in a rollover accident, which can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. The SUV’s occupants can become stuck in the vehicle, unable to exit, and if the SUV catches fire before emergency personnel can arrive, devastating consequences can result.

Contact an NYC SUV Rollover Accident Attorney

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