Yellow Light Intersection Accidents

According to the New York City Department of Transportation’s Traffic Rules, Section 4-03 governs traffic signals. Section 4-03(a)(2)(i) reads: Traffic Control Signals: Whenever traffic is controlled by traffic control signals exhibiting different color lights successively, the following colors shall indicate and apply to operators of vehicles and to pedestrians, except as superseded by pedestrian control signals, as follows:

Steady yellow alone, dark period, or red-green combined when shown following the green signal: Vehicular traffic facing such signal is thereby warned that the red signal will be exhibited immediately thereafter and such vehicular traffic shall not enter the intersection when the red signal is exhibited.

Stop or Go at an Intersection Yellow Light?

Faced with making a quick decision whether to stop or proceed through a yellow light at an intersection, many motorists will abruptly stop. And while this may seem like the prudent thing to do, if the car behind you thinks that you are going to proceed through the yellow light, as he plans on doing, you could wind up in a rear-end accident. If you plan on making an abrupt stop at an intersection yellow light, it may be wise to glance in your rear-view mirror to see if there is a car directly behind you which is traveling at a rate of speed that may not allow him to stop in time behind you. If the light has just tuned yellow and there is a car directly behind you, it may be best to proceed through the intersection if you can do so safely.

New York City Traffic Lights Have a Short Window

According to New York Safety, most yellow lights in NYC last only three seconds, while other states have yellow-light intervals of up to 4.7 seconds on roadways with speed limits of a least fifty miles per hour. The relatively short yellow-light interval in New York City creates what is sometimes referred to as the “Dilemma Zone,” whereby the driver can neither safely stop nor make it through the intersection before the light turns red.

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