NYC Auto Accident Burn Injury Lawyer

NYC Auto Accidents Can Result in Burn Injuries

Depending on the point of impact in an NYC car accident, serious risk of fire or explosion is not off the table. Design defects or poorly maintained vehicles can also contribute to a fuel tank leak or separation of the fuel line leading to the tank. If the accident involves a large truck, carrying fuel or other hazardous materials, the risk of a fire in the event of a car crash is magnified intensely.

Types of Burns That May Result From NYC Car Crashes

Burns resulting from car accidents can typically be classified as follows:

  • Chemical Burns: This is most likely to occur in an auto accident involving a vehicle carrying hazardous materials that spill. Severe damage to body tissue can result;
  • Heat Burns: These types of burns are far and away from the most common sustained by an NYC car accident victim. This results when your skin comes into contact with open flames, hot surfaces or heat thrown off from the fire;
  • Electrical Burns: These types of burns can result if electricity passes through the car accident victim’s body. This may result if one of the vehicles in the crash had faulty electrical wiring or if a crash causes a live powerline to come into contact with the automobiles.

Classifications of Burns

Depending on the severity and the location of the burn, it may require expensive treatment such as skin grafting or plastic surgery. The first issue to be addressed, however, is to prevent infection.

First Degree Burns: Relatively minor when compared to other types of burns, they can result in redness to the skin surface, varying degrees of pain, swelling and blistering;

Second Degree Burns: More severe, second-degree burns may result in complete loss of sensation to the affected area, require weeks to heal and might even necessitate skin grafting;

Third Degree Burns: Usually result in permanent scarring, but no pain due to complete loss of sensation in the affected area. All layers of the skin are damaged;

Fourth Degree Burns: Damage to muscles, tissues, nerves and even bones; the most severe.

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