Avoiding the “Right Hook” as a NYC Bicyclist

“Right Hook” Bicycle Accidents in NYC

Before discussing how to avoid a right hook bike collision, defining what it means is the better place to start. An NYC bicyclist is right-hooked when he is struck by an automobile at an intersection and the car turns right, striking the bicyclist who is properly riding to the far right of vehicular traffic. Also, a motorist may see a bicyclist to her right and try to increase her speed and then cut off the NYC bicyclist causing a collision.

Preventing a Right Hook Bicycle Accident

Unfortunately, just as motorcyclists must ride defensively, so must bicyclists. Be cognizant of the fact that motorists are not always looking out for bicyclists and so you must be that much more aware of the surrounding vehicular traffic. Take note of the parked cars to your right and the moving traffic to your left and proactively anticipate what the worst move is that any car may make. Be prepared to brake hard or speed up if necessary to avoid a collision.

New York Bicycle Accident Law

Pursuant to New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (“VTL”) §1238, both bicyclists and those sitting in a bicycle seat mounted on the rear of the bicycle must wear a helmet if they are under fourteen years old. Children between the ages of 1 through 5 may ride as a passenger on a bicycle as long as the child is wearing a properly fitted helmet and the helmet is securely fastened. If this law is violated, the operator may be fined $50.00.

VTL §1236 requires that a bicyclist, half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise must have their bicycle equipped with a lamp on the front emitting white light and a red or amber light on the rear.

While a “law” should not have to be enacted to prevent this type of behavior, many of us have seen skaters and bicyclists clinging to motorized vehicles for an adrenaline rush. NY VTL §1233 makes this practice a violation of the law, just in case one needs a law to prevent such a dangerous activity.

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