Manhattan’s Pedestrians and Cyclists Are at Risk of Accidents

According to a recent article in Gothamist there are particular locations throughout the City’s five boroughs where bicyclists and pedestrians are considerably more prone to be seriously injured or killed in a crash. In compiling its data, Gothamist looked to data compiled by

Near major bridges, there is heavy vehicular traffic as well as congested pedestrian and bicyclist traffic all competing for narrow space, which increases the likelihood of a crash. In areas such as the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, traffic is often funneled to these bridges by way of streets in residential neighborhoods.

Andrew Lassiter, an urban planner associated with posited, “…in neighborhoods with elevated subway or Long Island Railroad tracks, the streets below the tracks can be pretty chaotic. Visibility is tough with so many support posts, and the layout of the street can make drivers’ actions unpredictable.”

Number of Cyclists and Pedestrians Injured in NYC

As reported by Gothamist, from January 1, 2013, through January 1, 2018, 704 bicyclists were injured in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and 704 pedestrians were injured during the same time span. Additionally, 9 individuals suffered fatal injuries. A study also revealed that bicycling has increased significantly in this area recently.

Manhattan Cyclist and Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities

The following are statistics for bicyclist and pedestrian accidents in the following specific parts of Manhattan:
Lower East Side of Manhattan, Little Italy, and South of Houston Street, also referred to as SOHO: concentrated around Delancey and Kenmare Street, with the general boundaries being between Spring and Grand Streets, from Broadway to Forsyth Street:

• Manhattan bicyclists injured: 515
• Manhattan pedestrians injured: 826
• Fatalities: 10

If recreational cycling or simply bicycling for exercise or enjoyment is your thing, it may make sense to avoid areas with high incidents of crashes if at all possible.

If you are in an accident as a pedestrian or bicyclist in Manhattan and sustain injuries, contact a New York City car accident lawyer to protect your interests.