Car Accidents in Lower Manhattan

Driving on Canal Street in lower Manhattan can test anyone’s nerves. Usually, you will spend more time stopped in traffic than actually driving on Canal Street, which can lead to road rage. Navigating Canal Street from the bottom of the Manhattan Bridge to the Holland Tunnel entrance can take up to an hour during peak travel times. The stop and go traffic is indescribable unless you have actually taken the journey. If you’ve never driven on Canal Street, consider yourself fortunate – you’re not missing anything! Traffic congestion and car accidents are a constant.

According to a story reported by, a Manhattan car crash occurred on November 26, 2018, on Canal Street leaving six people injured and resulting in a fatality when a minivan lost control while attempting to parallel park and struck pedestrians. According to reports, the minivan was trying to parallel park when the vehicle lost control, subsequently striking a fruit stand and a crowd of unsuspecting pedestrians. Reports also indicate that the video footage obtained revealed that the minivan involved was speeding in reverse when it struck the curb.

Canal Street Has Been Nicknamed the “Boulevard of Death”

According to Business Insider, Canal Street has undergone significant gentrification. Once home to sidewalk sellers of knock-off luxury brand goods, catering to tourists and bargain hunters alike, Canal Street is now home to both abandoned storefronts that could no longer shoulder the sky-rocketing rents, as well as new skyrise condos selling for one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) and more.

Why is Canal Street the Horror It Is?

As an initial matter, the seven-lane street is flooded with cabbies, trucks, and buses. Canal Street gives automobiles access to I-78, a major thoroughfare, as well as access to the Holland Tunnel leading to New Jersey and the Manhattan Bridge. The traffic on Canal Street is always congested and many drivers disregard traffic signals as their frustration over the delays mount, causing gridlock.

Further, delivery trucks often double park on Canal Street, forcing motorists to swerve to avoid the double-parked trucks. Taxi cabs, gypsy cabs and dollar vans dart across traffic picking-up and dropping off passengers. Pedestrians can be seen darting across Canal Street at any chance they can get and often outside of designated crosswalks. A 2017 study performed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) revealed that Canal Street was one of the most common car crash locations for that year, with a minimum of one hundred (100) reported car accidents.

Manhattan Car Accidents

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