Construction Area Accidents

If you regularly drive on Manhattan’s streets you are bound to come upon construction zones—it’s just a part of living and driving in the Big Apple. Construction is constant, ranging from new high rise buildings being erected, renovation of existing buildings and street repairs. However, these construction zones present serious dangers, not only for construction workers, but also for motorists and cyclists passing through the construction area.

Operate Your Vehicle Safely in Construction Zones

While navigating your vehicle through a Manhattan construction area, the first thing you should do is slow down. Obey reduced speed limit signs that may be posted in the area and be aware of construction workers or police officers directing traffic.

Keep a lookout for construction workers who may be holding signs. Be aware of how other motorists are reacting to sudden lane changes, speed reduction, or stops to avoid rear end collisions. Maintain extra distance between yourself and the car ahead of you.

Causes of Manhattan Construction Area Accidents

  • Potholes are not uncommon upon Manhattan streets under construction. There may be existing potholes that are being repaired, or the heavy equipment used for construction or repair may create the potholes. If safe to do so, try to avoid hitting a pothole.
  • Be aware of construction material and debris that may be littered upon the roadway. Be on the lookout for other vehicles that may be swerving into your lane to avoid such debris in their lane of traffic.
  • Dust may be kicked up by construction workers, especially when using heavy equipment like jackhammers. Dust can cling to the windshield of your car and reduce overall visibility, making it even more important to slow down. Don’t be afraid to use your windshield wiper fluid to clean your windshield. Larger debris may strike and damage windshields or even penetrate the windshield. If debris enters the car through a sunroof or open window, it can strike the driver or passengers. Closing the sunroof and rolling up windows when passing through construction sites is probably a good idea.

Construction Companies Have a Duty to Motorists

Driver responsibility is always required, but construction companies should also ensure that motorists  passing though their construction zones are kept safe. Signs should be posted, barricades erected, and everything must be done to provide enough space so that drivers can react in time to possible dangers as a result of the construction. Construction companies are in it for the money and if they cut corners to put profits ahead of safety, they may be liable for your car crash.

Defensive driving in construction zones

Defensive drivers anticipate what drivers next to them might do at any time to cause an accident, so they can avoid an accident. More information on the benefits of driving defensively can be found on our firm’s website here.

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