Glare Can Cause Manhattan Car Accidents

While the rays from the beaming sun can brighten up anyone’s day, it can also cause temporary blindness to drivers upon the roadways. It only takes a split-second for the sun glare to obstruct a motorist’s vision, causing them to squint or close their eyes altogether. Their eyes are off the road and a car accident occurs. If that driver was directly behind you in traffic, they may smash into you from behind, causing a rearend accident.
Sometimes an at-fault driver in an automobile accident in Manhattan will blame sun glare as the reason why they hit you, when there is really some other reason, like maybe they were momentarily distracted while driving or their brakes failed.

Avoiding Manhattan Car Accidents Due to Sun Glare

It’s hard to predict exactly when the sun’s rays may temporarily blind you while driving in Manhattan, so it’s a good idea to keep a good pair of sunglasses in you center console or glove box.
Some other helpful tips:
• Make sure your windshield is clean and streak free;
• Give yourself more distance between you and the car ahead of you;
• Put your car’s visors down;
• Try not to look directly into the sun;
• If it’s just too much to bear, pull over to the side of the road and wait it out.

Nighttime Glare From Headlamps

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) some of the factors that contribute to glare are:

• Dirty headlamps on the vehicle approaching you in the opposite direction;
• The size of the headlamps;
• The beam of the headlamp on the car moving toward you in the opposite direction;
• The aim of the headlamp – if they are mounted incorrectly or aimed improperly, this can cause headlamp glare.

Common Types of Accidents as the result of Glare

Some of the more common types of accidents that result from glare are:
• A motorist unfamiliar with the area can’t see a stop sign or traffic light and strikes another vehicle in the intersection;
• The blinded driver cannot see his lane position or the road itself and drifts from his lane the same way a drunk driver might swerve. This might result in a head-on collision or a sideswipe accident;
• Pedestrians may be struck because a driver doesn’t see them due to glare.

Sun Glare is Often the Worst During Rush Hour

Rush hour is bad enough and can cause Manhattan motorists to drive aggressively and sometimes even cause road rage. But the fact of the matter is that eastbound and westbound drivers are susceptible to the negative effects of sun glare during peak rush-hour travel times. Don’t rush to get where you’re going – slow down!

If you are involved in a Manhattan car accident because another driver didn’t see you, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for your medical bills, pain & suffering, lost time from work and property damage. For more information, contact Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. P.C. at 212-518-2095.