Manhattan Tunnel Accident Lawyer

Tunnels are a necessary part of the City’s infrastructure and allow vehicular traffic to pass under bodies of water. They leave less of a “footprint” than bridges and are therefore preferred in some instances. However, there are certain dangers and risks posed to Manhattan drivers when passing through tunnels and Manhattan tunnel accidents do occur. Depending on the size of the vehicle involved in the tunnel accident, a tow truck may be able to tow the vehicle out of the tunnel or push it out with a large rubber bumper on the front of the tow-truck.

One of the dangers of driving through Manhattan’s tunnels is that many drivers have a hard time seeing the road while in a tunnel because of poor visibility. This could cause a sideswipe accident and cause one car to hit the vehicle next to them inside the tunnel. Additionally, drivers who are not used to driving through tunnels may become claustrophobic and this may affect their ability to navigate safely through the tunnel.

Tunnel accidents can also happen throughout Manhattan when drivers speed or change lanes when not permitted to do so.

Some of the City’s major tunnels are:

  • The First Avenue tunnel;
  • The Battery Park Underpass;
  • Brooklyn Battery Tunnel;
  • Holland tunnel, connecting lower Manhattan to New Jersey;
  • Queens-Midtown Tunnel;
  • Lincoln Tunnel, which goes under the Hudson River;
  • Park Avenue Tunnel also known as the Murray Hill Tunnel.

Avoiding an Accident While Driving Through a Tunnel

While accidents do happen, there are some things you can do to avoid an accident while traveling through one of the many tunnels located throughout New York City. Make sure you are not running out of gas, because if your car comes to a sudden stop as you run out of fuel, the car behind you may rearend you. Avoid changing lanes, even if permitted, unless absolutely necessary. Obey the speed limit for safety reasons and since you are likely on camera! If your car does not have headlights that turn on automatically when it gets dark out, make sure to turn them on when entering the tunnel and leave them on until you are out of the tunnel. Make sure to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the car ahead of you to avoid a rearend accident.

What if I Break Down, Crash or Get Stuck in the Tunnel?

First, remain calm. If at all possible and if you are close to the tunnel exit, try to make it out and pull safely to the side of the road. Turn your hazard lights on. Unless your vehicle goes on fire, or there is some other emergency announcement directing you to exit your vehicle, stay in your vehicle and call 911.

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