Manhattan Limousine Accident Lawyer

When many people think of riding in a limousine they often think of weddings, high school prom night or maybe even a trip to a winery. After all, if you’re going to be consuming alcohol at a winery or some other festive event, why not leave the driving up to someone else, right? Well, limos can be involved in accidents as well, and when they are, the aftermath can be severe and even life-threatening.

Who is at fault for the Limo Accident?

The at-fault party or parties in a limo accident will depend on a host of things. First, did the limousine strike a pedestrian that was in a crosswalk and had the right of way? Or was the limo struck in the rear by another vehicle? How the accident happened and the parties involved will shed some light on who may have been at fault for the occurrence of a Manhattan limousine accident.

Some of the possible at-fault parties in a Manhattan limo crash may be:

  • The limousine manufacturer: If the limo had a design defect or was not properly built, the limo manufacturer may be a proper party to a lawsuit. Was limo modified? Was a stock car or SUV split down the middle with additional seats and extensions added? Was this done properly?
  • The limo company: Did the livery service use a defective limo knowing there was a problem before the accident? Did the limousine service properly screen its drivers and ensure that they had suitable licensure and the requisite experience? Did the limo company properly service the vehicle, or, if it had another company service the limo, did that service company do its job properly?
  • The driver of the limo: Was the limo diver operating at a safe speed given the posted speed limits, the weather conditions, and the traffic conditions? Was the driver under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication that may have made him drowsy? Was the limo driver drowsy driving after having worked long hours without proper rest?
  • Another vehicle: was it another car, truck, or cabbie that caused the limousine crash? Was the other vehicle speeding, driving erratically or otherwise not obeying the rules of the road?

Are Stretch-Limousines Safe?

A recent article in the New York Times Article entitled, “The Hidden Dangers of Riding in a Stretch Limousine,” explored the safety of these limos. The article explains that many of these stretch limos or stretch SUVs are actually commonly referred to as “automotive zombies” because they get created after leaving a factory and usually don’t have to meet the same rigorous federal safety standards that autos leaving a plant would otherwise have to comply with. The article further pointed out that maintaining control of these large vehicles can be challenging even for the most experienced of operators because they require a much larger turning radius, and due to the size of the limo, it needs extra braking room.

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