Manhattan U-Turn Car Accident Attorney

A motorist is zipping along the roadway, listening to their favorite song and singing along; daydreaming, or simply thinking about something else, when suddenly it hits them! They missed their exit or the street they were supposed to have turned down. No problem, just bang a U-turn, right? Well, actually, not so fast, because U-turn is one of the most dangerous maneuvers an automobile driver can make and u-turns contribute to thousands of automobile, cycle and pedestrian accidents each year.

Who is at Fault in a U-Turn Accident?

Most of the time it is the driver making a u-turn in Manhattan that will be the one who is at fault – but not always. New York is a comparative negligence state, so negligence may be apportioned as between the u-turning vehicle and the other car. And remember, in a civil case, as a Manhattan Car Accident Lawsuit, the burden is always on the Plaintiff (the one suing) to prove their case by a preponderance of the evidence.

Making a U-Turn Safely

Generally speaking, U-turns are not “per-se” illegal, as long as there is not a sign posted stating that U-turns are not allowed at that particular area or intersection. However, the motorist making the U-turn has the responsibility to make sure they make the maneuver in a safe manner. The person making the u-turn needs to look around and make sure there is no approaching traffic from either direction.

What Should I do Before Making a U-turn in Manhattan?

First of all, make sure that your planned U-turn is not prohibited in the spot where you plan to make it. Then –

  • Do not make a U-turn on a curved part of the street, where bicyclists, trucks, motorcycles, and others may approach without seeing you making this maneuver;
  • Make sure you can see oncoming vehicular traffic form both directions in the spot where you are making the U-turn;
  • Make sure that your vision is unobstructed;
  • Use extra caution if you are making a U-turn in inclement weather such as snow, rain, sleet or icy roadway conditions.

Multi-Vehicle U-Turn Accidents are not Uncommon

There is a significant chance of a multiple-vehicle accident when a motorist makes an unsafe turn and is hit by a vehicle traveling straight that gets struck by another motor vehicle that might be right behind the vehicle traveling straight. These collisions may result in multi-impact accidents where more than one car or motor vehicle is moving when the impact occurs, leading to complex liability issues to be determined by a jury.

If you have been involved a Manhattan Car Accident where a vehicle was making a u-turn and you suffered injuries as a result, contact a Manhattan U-turn Accident Lawyer and get the legal representation you need and deserve. Call 212-518-2095.