Is Distracted Walking in Manhattan Dangerous?

If you walk the streets, or hopefully the sidewalks, of Manhattan, you will see people walking around and staring down at their iPhone, BlackBerry or another smartphone device. They are not looking straight ahead; they are not paying attention to their surroundings and they may walk straight into you as they keep their eyes glued to their smartphone with their headphones on too. These people are so distracted by their phones and their music that they enter intersections with vehicular traffic without even raising their eyes to see if cars and trucks that have the light, and the right of way, are approaching. These pedestrians who are engaged in distracted walking may be involved in, and in fact, may actually cause a Manhattan pedestrian accident. They may also cause a car accident as an approaching vehicle slams on its brakes to avoid hitting the pedestrian and thereby set off a rear-end car accident.

What’s the Difference Between a Distracted Driver and a Distracted Walker?

If a distracted pedestrian walks into a car the damage probably will not be that bad. However, if the auto driver sees a distracted walker and swerves to avoid him, it could result in a multiple car accident. Distracted pedestrians walking the streets can be just as dangerous as distracted drivers.

The Dangers of Walking While Distracted in Manhattan

People who are not paying attention to their surroundings as they traverse Manhattan on foot may walk straight into other people or walk into traffic while not paying attention. Walking the streets of Manhattan requires the same degree of care and attention as driving in Manhattan. Manhattan pedestrian accidents as the result of distracted walking can be just as dangerous as Manhattan car accidents as the result of distracted driving in Manhattan.

The problem of distracted walking is such a hot-button issue as of late, that in early 2018 the New York Times wrote a piece on the topic.

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