Manhattan Car Accidents with Emergency Vehicles

Crashes Between Emergency Vehicles & Passenger Vehicles in Manhattan

Collisions between a passenger car and fire trucks, ambulances, police cruisers or other emergency vehicles can cause devastating injuries. These emergency vehicles are racing to the scene of an accident and the driver’s adrenaline is rushing as they speed toward their destination. In doing so, they may inadvertently collide with an NYC bicyclist, motorcyclist, trucker or pedestrian and cause an accident.

What are the Causes of Collisions Between Pedestrians and Emergency Vehicles?

If you speak to a Manhattan Pedestrian Accident Lawyer they will likely tell you that the reasons for crashes between emergency trucks and pedestrians vary widely. However, some of the more common reasons include error on the part of the ambulance driver, such as drowsy driving, texting while driving, or failing to drive defensively.

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Do Manhattan Emergency Vehicles Need to Meet any Requirements?

The answer is YES! Operators of emergency vehicles must comply with guidelines and if they fail to do so, it may help your case and hurt theirs. A lot of states require that operators of emergency vehicles:

  • Have the appropriate insurance coverage in force;
  • Have undergone proper training and engage in continued education in this regard;
  • Maintain the proper licensure and have their driver’s license with them while driving;
  • Regularly submit to random drug and alcohol testing.

Who is Liable in a Manhattan Accident Involving an Emergency Vehicle?

It is not always easy to prove fault in an accident involving an emergency vehicle in Manhattan. While it is the general rule that operators of motor vehicles must yield to oncoming emergency vehicles, as long as the emergency vehicles have their lights and sirens on – an auto’s failure to yield does not necessarily mean that the auto driver will be held 100% liable for the collision. Liability in an accident involving an emergency vehicle will largely depend on all of the circumstances surrounding the crash. Was the driver of the ambulance, although rightfully hurrying to the scene of the accident, driving overly aggressively or texting while driving?

Emergency Vehicle’s Reckless Disregard

The New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1104(e) states that the operator of an authorized emergency vehicle, such as a fire truck or ambulance, has a duty to drive with due regard to the safety of all pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. If the driver of an emergency vehicle acts with reckless disregard for the safety of others, they will not be afforded the protections of the immunity provisions of NY VTL 1104.

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