NYC Bus Company Accidents

If you are involved in a Martz Trailways, Megabus or Peter Pan Bus Accident, you should seek immediate medical treatment if you are injured and then seek the help of an experienced Manhattan bus accident lawyer.

How Martz Trailways Claims to Separate Itself from the Pack

According to Martz’s website, Martz Trailways seeks to avoid Manhattan bus accidents by ensuring that their drivers are properly trained. They require their drivers to have at least 168 hours of training and their drivers’ skills are continually refreshed annually. Further, Martz Trailways has a safety director and training staff and they claim that this measure has allowed it to achieve a Safety Rating of “Satisfactory,” as reported by the Department of Transportation – the highest possible rating.

Peter Pan Bus Lines

According to Peter Pan Bus Lines, they consistently achieve the Highest Safety Ratings from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Defense. Their website claims that they have also been awarded the highest possible safety rating from the Transportation Safety Exchange, an accomplishment allowing them to transport the teams of the NCAA. Peter Pan acquired Bonanza Bus Lines in 2003.


Megabus busses are easily recognizable as they make their way down the roads of Manhattan and have a “from $1 plus 50 cents reservation fee” stamped along the side of the bus. These Megabus buses travel routes from Manhattan to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Binghamton and more.

If you are a passenger riding on a Martz Trailways Bus, a Peter Pan Bus or a Megabus coach and there is a crash in Manhattan, you may be able to recover for your pain and suffering, both past and present. Whether you were a passenger on a Martz Trailways Bus, Peter Pan bus or MegaBus coach – or you were a pedestrian struck by one of these buses, you need to talk to an experienced Manhattan Bus Accident Lawyer.

Innocent Bus Passengers Who Are Sitting Properly on the Bus Can Still Be Injured in the Event of a Manhattan Bus Accident.

Manhattan bus passengers who are correctly seated on Martz Trailways Buses, Peter Pan Buses or MegaBus coaches can sustain varying types of injuries if the bus comes to a shortstop or collides with another vehicle. Regardless of how the Manhattan bus accident happens, as a passenger, you are not going to be held liable and will most likely have a claim against the bus company and its operator or the vehicle that struck the bus you were riding in.

What do I Do After a Bus Accident in Manhattan?

Do your best to obtain an Incident Report and make note of the bus number, the bus driver’s badge number and a description of the bus operator including their weight, height, hair color & style and race. Try to get a picture of the bus license plate with your smartphone.

If you are a victim of a Manhattan bus accident, contact Manhattan Bus Accident Lawyer Michael J. Redenburg at 212-240-9465 or go online.