Avoiding a NYC Bicycle Crash

If you are involved in a bicycle accident in NYC, the results can be devastating and you may suffer severe injuries that require you to retain an NYC Bicycle Accident Lawyer. So let’s look at ways to avoid an NYC bicycle accident all together and address some questions that may be on the minds of NYC cyclists that are looking to be pro-active in circumventing a bike crash on the streets of New York City.

Should I Ride My Bicycle Against Traffic or With It?

For reasons unknown, some inexperienced bicyclists truly believe that it is safer to ride against the flow of traffic, reasoning that being able to see the oncoming traffic makes them feel safer. However, cycling against the flow of traffic is NYC is outright dangerous for a myriad of reasons:

  • Cycling against the flow of traffic places you in a position where motorists cannot see you because drivers of automobiles typically don’t look for wrong-way traffic;
  • And even more so, drivers leaving and entering the street at intersections typically don’t look for bicycles approaching in the wrong direction because it is not expected;
  • If you ride against the flow of traffic, other motorists will have less time to see you and react accordingly;
  • Pedestrian accidents may occur in NYC as the result of wrong-way cyclists on the City’s streets. Pedestrians are often walking the streets of NYC staring at their iPhones anyway, often referred to as Distracted Walking, and so they may literally appear in front of you as they are not looking for a bicyclist coming the wrong way. If you strike a pedestrian while cycling, you’re both going to get hurt. In a worst-case scenario, the collision may result in one of you landing in the middle of the street and being struck by a car;
  • When you ride your bike the wrong way down the streets of NYC, you can’t see traffic lights and signs because they are facing the opposite direction. Therefore, you can’t obey street signs and lights;
  • When you ride in the opposite direction of vehicular traffic after sunset, you can be blinded by the nighttime glare from headlamps of approaching traffic;
  • You increase your risk of getting doored: Your chances of getting doored are significantly magnified when you cycle against the flow of traffic. At most, motorists quickly glance in their side view mirror to check for bicyclists before opening their car door. Since they are not expecting you coming from the wrong way, you can easily get doored.

It is Against the Law to Ride Against the Flow of Traffic

And so if you’re a law-abiding citizen and you need a reason not to ride against the flow of traffic, here’s a great reason: RIDING AGAINST THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC IN NYC IS ILLEGAL!

For more information on NYC biking rules, you can go here.

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