Car Accidents While Merging in Manhattan

Due to the fact that merging onto busy and congested highways in Manhattan can be challenging, Manhattan car accidents as the result of merging improperly are not that uncommon. Merging safely requires the complete attention of the auto operator, and unfortunately, many drivers are distracted while driving upon the City’s roadways. It is important to keep in mind that New York is a pure comparative negligence state, so even if both you and the other driver that hit you each bear some responsibility for the happening of the accident, you still may be entitled to recover financial compensation, so you will want to speak to an attorney familiar with the laws in New York City.

How Do Merging Accidents in Manhattan Happen?

Unfortunately, merging accidents happen too frequently in Manhattan and result in sideswipe accidents that can cause serious injuries. Operators of automobiles and trucks misjudge the approaching vehicle that generally has the right of way when merging onto the interstate or highway. The merging vehicle may fail to safely merge before his lane ends or fail to accelerate onto the thruway properly. The more common causes of merging accidents include the following:

  • Attempting to cross multiple lanes of traffic at once;
  • Abruptly switching lanes without signaling properly;
  • Cutting off another vehicle;
  • Not accelerating fast enough from the on-ramp when entering onto the highway.

How is Liability Determined in Merging Accidents?

A large part of the time, the driver that is merging onto the highway from the on-ramp is going to bear the majority of fault. But this is not a hard and fast rule. There are exceptions to this general rule, and again, it is important to keep in mind that New York is a comparative negligence state as discussed above. If the vehicle that the merging vehicle crashes into was speeding, driving while intoxicated, texting while driving or changing lanes erratically, then they may be found to be at fault for the happening of the accident.

The reality is that in many merging crashes that happen throughout New York City it is not always clear-cut whose fault the accident was and each party may bear some fault. After obtaining emergency medical treatment if you’re hurt, you should speak to a Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer to see if you have a claim. Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. has successfully represented auto accident victims throughout New York City and has been practicing law for over a decade. He can be reached at 212-40-9465.