School Bus Injuries in New York City

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) governs the rules are regulations regarding the safety of school buses. However, statistics show that while school buses are generally very safe, over 17,000 children are still injured and rushed to emergency rooms due to injuries suffered on or around school buses. 

Safety and School Buses 

The numbers are truly astronomical. The American School Bus Council calculates that over 25 million children ride on school buses every single day throughout the United States. The specific way school buses are constructed, the additional requirements of drivers, and the size of school buses lead them to be one of the safest vehicles on the roadways in America. 

Bus Stop Hazards

According to the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice one-fourth of all school bus accidents that result in injuries to children occur at bus stops. Make sure to always keep your child safe near and around bus stops. Make sure they arrive early, keep their distance, minimize distractions, line up facing the bus, never approach the bus until it stops and always encourage your children to use the handrails. 

Motorists and School Buses 

The National Safety Council states that 70% of all deaths that involve school bus accidents actually occur due to drivers and passengers of other vehicles, not children on the school bus.  Drivers should always carefully back out of driveways, drive slowly through school zones, watch for children running out to the bus stop to meet a bus, and following the directions given by a bus driver including flashing lights and the stop sign. If you or your child was involved in an accident involving a school bus and suffered injuries, you should seek immediate medical attention. 

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