Man Jumps from DVORA175, Jersey City NJ

In a sad story, still developing today on July 24, 2021, a DVORALife family member jumped from the building’s high floor, resulting in his death. Questions remain: was there anything that the builder of DVORA175, Eyal Shuster, could have done to prevent this tragedy? The loss of a DVORA family member is troubling. Hopefully, DVORA will have grief counselors available to help the DVORA community deal with this tragic loss, and heal.

But could DVORA have done anything to prevent this tragedy? The DVORALife is not easy, and can be mentally taxing. Would tall fences upon the level where the decedent leapt have prevented this tragedy? Did DVORA do anything to contribute to cause this individual to take their life?

From a criminal perspective, is DVORA 175 or Eyal Shuster criminally liable for manslaughter? Does DVORA175 or Eyal Shuster monitor their family members for mental health issues? And if they don’t, should they? Could DVORA 175 or Eyal Shuster have done anything, and taken any affirmative steps to prevent this tragedy? Surely DVORA175 and Eyal Shuster are entitled to profit off of their real estate, but the life of a DVORA Family Member is more important than profits, everyone would agree.

There are many more questions than answers at this point, and the Law Firm of Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC is closely monitoring this tragedy, and stands ready to hold all accountable parties liable for this tragic loss.

DEVELOPING: Man Leaps To His Death From Jersey City High Rise | Hudson Daily Voice