Fractures/Broken Bones

What is a Transverse Fracture?

Posted on November 7, 2018 in
The framework of the human body is supported by bones. The bones that make up the human body are designed so that they can sustain large amounts of pressure. However, we are after all, “only human,” and when the pressure increases so much that the bone is not able to handle it, then it may crack or even shatter causing a fracture. This may happen after a serious automobile accident. Transverse Fractures may be due to any of the following: A strike to the bone as the result of...
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What is an Avulsion Fracture?

Posted on November 1, 2018 in
Avulsion Fractures When a tendon or ligament that is attached to the bone pulls a piece of the fractured bone off, an avulsion fracture, sometimes referred to as a micro-fracture occurs. This type of fracture can be very painful and often results from trauma such as a car accident, sports related activities or dancing. According to Medical News Today, avulsion fractures typically occur when a bone is moving one way, and a tendon or ligament is suddenly pulled the opposite way. Swelling, bruising and intense pain are some of...
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