Mr. Redenburg decided to respectfully decline an offer put out by the DA for my DWI. This meant that he had to return to court without getting paid more by me, all because he believed he'd be able to secure a better deal. The DA did, in fact, knock my misdemeanor down to an infraction i.e. no criminal record. He's friendly and definitely made himself available to me.

Google Review 


- Peter R.

Mr Michael Redenburg been my criminal defense attorney. He is well behaving and nice gentleman. He is very professional and knowledgeable person. He worked hard for my case and on second hearing case has been dismissed.

- Majeed M., January, 2015

Just wanted to thank you once again for all of your help. I would be a "felon" had it not been for your efforts and guidance. Moreover, the business opportunities I now have would otherwise be nearly impossible. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for your already "prosperous law practice."

- Former Client - January 3, 2014

Michael did a great job in explaining to me the whole legal procedure in regarding to my case. All of my questions were answered with clarity. His response time was immediate. He treated me not as his customer, but as his friend. Thank you Michael for getting me the best possible result.

- Oleg - August 1, 2013

I am honored to have had Mr. Michael Redenburg as legal representation for my son's criminal case. He is very reliable, on time, truthful and considerate about each individual case he represents. Mr. Redenburg took the time out to explain any concerns that I had, regardless of the circumstance, good or bad news. I was aware of any possibilities involving the criminal case. My overall experience was EXCELLENT; his determination brought forth results that seemed IMPOSSIBLE 22 months ago. I would recommend his experience and knowledge to anyone that is in need of legal representation. I am grateful for all the hard work Mr. Redenburg has done for my family. Without second guessing I would use Michael Redenburg again as his services are outstanding.

- Imani

Recently, I was charged with a crime. I've never been arrested and was unaware of the seriousness and potential damage these allegations could do to my personal and professional life. I arranged a meeting with Attorney Redenburg and he made me aware of this legal disaster. After hearing Mr. Redenburg's brief but poignant lecture on the law I felt at ease and developed a sense of confidence for the first time. It became clear to me that Mr. Redenburg's experience and knowledge of legal proceedings is outstanding. Moreover, his ability to translate difficult legal terminology to layman's terms is exceptional. With his assistance, I was able to have a very serious charge reduced to a mere violation and instead of a twelve week course of anger management, I received a one day course!! This is crucial for me since I just started my own business venture.

- Andre

I want to take the time to thank you greatly for your services of taking on my case. I am so relieved it's all over & things worked out in my favor. I could not have done this without your dedication & help.

- Tara S.

Even though the internet is the way to get things done these days, I was a little hesitant when a friend asked me to help him out financially for a lawyer to represent him that he found on the internet. I looked up Mr. Redenburg and his web-site and other sites that spoke about him seemed very much on the up and up. I agreed to lend him the retainer fee. At this point I had to directly speak to Mr. Redenburg and I found him extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. He stated up front what the possibilites were for the case and how he would deal with the retainer fee. He answered any and all questions that I had. I felt very confident in the way he would handle my friend's case. When everything was over with the case, the time used did not match up with the retainer fee and he prorated the amount very fairly. He then sent me a refund for the amount he did not use. I would definitely look him up again if I need a lawyer or I had a friend who needed a lawyer.

- Marian

Michael Redenburg is an expert In the Criminal justice field. He handled my case with the utmost professionalism. Michael was very sharp, never missed a phone call. He is very attentive, always on time sharp and ready to fight my case. Michael is not only a great attorney but a great professional and a great human being who will listen to his clients. Never will he sugar coat the truth, just seek the best strategies in order to deliver the best possible outcome. Michael Redenburg is on your side.

- William H.

Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. was my attorney for a DWI case that I came into, which proved to be very complicated. He handled it miraculously. He actually cut the red tape to pieces. I told him he is now a friend of the family and our attorney for life.

- Dennis W.

A professional lawyer, both criminal and civil areas of law. I felt so comfortable dealing with him with all my legal problems. Took his time to explain to me in details regarding my legal options. He is my savior.

- DUI Client

Michael Redenburg is an excellent lawyer. I would highly recommend him as a FIVE STARS Attorney. I hired Mr. Redenburg for my case last year and he was very professional and always took the time to respond to all my concerns. He returned all my calls right away. Thanks Mr. Redenburg for all your help and for also resolved the case quickly. If you are facing a hard legal Situation get a very good lawyer Mr. Michael Redenburg.

- William D.

My name is David B and I'm writing this review on behalf of Mr. Reddenburg he was a great help to me I came into a uncompromising situation with the police and they was wrong treated me unfair so I contacted Mr. Reddenburg because I was on the verge of getting and thinking that I lost it all he gave me hope where I was still able to proceed with the job if it wasn't for Mr. Reddenburg helping me I would of been lost out of a lot so I'm thanking him for helping and making my situation better I wanna thank him for his hard work and professiliasm thanks Mr. Reddenburg.


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