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False Arrest and Malicious Prosecution Leads to Serious Psychological Scars and Suicide
A young man who was arrested and held on Rikers Island for three years without being convicted has committed suicide. The victim suffered terrible abuse in prison and long stretches in solitary confinement which allegedly led to serious depression. His family is continuing with his lawsuit against New York City for false arrest, malicious prosecution and failure to provide a speedy trial.

Dismissed Drug Charges Lead to False Arrest Lawsuit
A concertgoer arrested outside Madison Square Garden on drug charges is suing for false arrest.

Focus on Criminal Justice Reform
New York state lawmakers are striving to consider the issue of criminal justice reform before the legislative session ends in June.

City Councilman Donating False Arrest Settlement
New York City Council member Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Inwood) was arrested at the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011 and sued the city for false arrest and excessive force. He will donate his $30,000 settlement to the Center for Constitutional Rights.

More Inmate Violence at Rikers Island
A group of inmates in a classroom at Rikers Island began fighting and had to be subdued with chemical agents. Several corrections officers were injured during the fight.

Arrests Down 56%, Tickets Drop by 92% Last Week in Apparent NYPD Slowdown
It seems some members of the New York City Police Department are purposely failing to enforce the law as a response to the Mayor's handling of the recent police murders in Brooklyn.

New York City Officials Announce Plan to Halt Minor Marijuana Arrests
The NYPD will finally stop arresting individuals for the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the city and will instead begin issuing summonses for the offense.

Driver Who Hit Queens Man, 89, Was on Drugs, Had Prior DUI: Police Sources
A 33 year old Queens man that hit an elderly man with his car is accused of driving under the influence of drugs, leaving the scene and driving without a license. The man was also arrested for driving offenses on two separate occasions in the past.

$12 Million in Heroin Seized in 2 NYC Busts, Trafficking at 25-Year High
Two major drug busts have brought attention to the rise in drug crimes involving heroin in and around New York City.

CeeLo Green Shocks With Controversial Rape Tweet Following Drug Charge
Singer/ songwriter Cee Lo Green was accused of drugging a woman with ecstasy. Prosecutors decided not to charge him with a crime as there was insufficient evidence to support the accusations.

Court OKs Warrantless Blood Draw in DWI Case
The New Jersey Appellate Division overturned a recent decision excluding evidence of blood alcohol levels obtained by taking a blood sample without a warrant.

NYPD Cop's Chokehold May Not Have Caused Serious Injury to Man's Throat
Officials are investigating whether the choke-hold used by NYPD officers struggling to arrest Eric Garner caused his death. Either way, NYPD officers are not authorized to use a choke-hold and the officers involved are being disciplined.

Former Officer Freed After Conviction Overturned in Cannibal Case
The conviction of a former NYPD officer in a plot to kidnap and eventually eat women has been overturned by a Federal Judge. The court found that this plot was likely fantasy role play.

Shootings in NYC continue to rise, even as serious crimes decline
As incidents of serious crime decrease in NYC, the number of shootings continues to increase. The NYPD suspects gang violence to be the culprit.

Criminal Law News

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