Have you been charged with a crime in New York City?

The criminal defense system can be a confusing and frightening place. In a large city, like New York City, law enforcement personnel and prosecuting attorneys can become overwhelmed with the amount of work and cases and they can lose sight of the individual in every case. You are always far better off to have a criminal defense lawyer on your side whose purpose is to protect your interests, present your options and help you to choose the best option for your situation. There is rarely only one course of action in a defense; there are usually many options and a criminal defense attorney can answer your questions and inform you of all of your rights and options.

If you, or a loved one, are facing criminal charges, Michael J. Redenburg is the kind of attorney you want. He lives where you live so he will have a much greater appreciation for the difficulties and challenges you face in your everyday life. He gives his clients his personal cell phone number and makes himself available day and night because he understands that life is lived 24/7.

In order to preserve as many options as possible, you would be wise to exercise your constitutional rights and retain an attorney as soon as possible. Talking to law enforcement, answering their questions (no matter how well-intentioned) can often limit the options that an aggressive and knowledgeable defense attorney can pursue for you. Hard-hitting negotiations and pleas can often greatly improve the outcome of a case. Should it go all the way to trial, you will have an attorney with the experience and record necessary to increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Don't hesitate to contact Michael J. Redenburg if you have been charged with a crime.

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