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Though not as severe as the homicide charge of murder, manslaughter still carries significant penalties should a conviction be obtained by the prosecution. A New York City (NYC) criminal defense attorney may be able to help you avoid a manslaughter conviction. Michael Redenburg, Esq. is dedicated to providing aggressive criminal defense to clients facing charges for serious crimes such as manslaughter. Attorney Redenburg represented a young man in the Bronx who was charged with attempted murder. Truth be told, Attorney Redenburg's client simply got caught up with the wrong crowd at a young age and trouble found him. Although the charge was serious, a disposition was reached whereby the young man did not serve any jail or prison time and will not have an adult criminal record.

About Manslaughter Charges

There are several categories of manslaughter charges in the state of New York. Involuntary manslaughter is charged in homicide cases where an individual was killed but there was no intention to cause harm (no "malice aforethought"). Such cases can include vehicular manslaughter or other instances of negligence or recklessness which resulted in the death of another. Voluntary manslaughter is charged in cases where there was malice aforethought but perhaps only to cause injury without intent of actually killing the other person. Voluntary manslaughter may be charged in cases where an emotionally charged situation gets out of hand.

Hit and run or reckless driving cases and other non-intentional, accidental causes of manslaughter can still result in very severe penalties. The exact circumstances of the incident as well as mitigating factors may affect the appropriate sentencing if an accused is found guilty after trial or pleads guilty. It is important to know, however, that all classifications of manslaughter are considered felony offenses and could result in imprisonment.

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