New York City (NYC) Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Law Violation Attorney

For years, Attorney Michael Redenburg has represented individuals, businesses, parents, and minors who have been charged with violating New York’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Laws. Under these laws, persons and businesses may be charged with such crimes as selling or serving alcohol to underage persons, purchasing alcohol with fake identification, possessing alcohol with intent to consume as an underage person, or providing alcohol to underage persons as a parent. Regardless of the charges you are facing, whether as a business owner or individual, you will need competent legal representation.

Business Owners, Store Clerks & Bartenders

  • Store clerks, business owners, and bartenders may be charged with selling, delivering, or giving away alcoholic beverages to persons under 21. Business owners may face fines and lose their business license if they are convicted. Store clerks and bartenders can be fined and even sentenced to jail time if they are convicted.
  • In some cases, the state will seek injunctive relief in addition to asking the court to impose a fine. If the state can show that the business’s violations constitute a public nuisance, it can ask the court to impose a temporary restraining order (TRO), permanent injunction, or closing order, each of which, if granted, closes the establishment for a short period of time or permanently.
  • If a person under 21 leaves a business after consuming alcohol and causes property damage, physical injury, or death of another, the business owner may be liable.

Parents & Other Adults

  • Parents and guardians may legally furnish alcohol for their minor children or wards, but it is illegal to furnish alcohol to any other minor. This includes selling, delivering, or giving alcohol to someone while knowing (or having reason to know) that the recipient is a minor.
  • Anyone who misrepresents a minor’s age in order to facilitate the sale of alcohol to that minor is guilty of a criminal offense. If convicted, the offender can be fined and imprisoned.


  • An underage drinking charge, however minor it may seem, can affect your ability to get a job or get into college. Whether you were arrested for public intoxication or for underage DUI, you need a criminal defense attorney who can aggressively defend you from these charges and protect your future.
  • Minors who unlawfully possess alcohol may not be arrested, but they may be summoned to appear in court, where a judge may impose fines and community service and may require the offender to complete an alcohol awareness program.
  • Underage individuals who attempt to procure alcohol with a fake identification may face fines and community service and may be required to complete an alcohol awareness program. Individuals who attempt to purchase alcohol by altering their driver's license face suspension of the license for 90 days.

Attorney Michael Redenburg is an experienced New York City criminal defense attorney that has been able to help many clients fight ABC violations. He is a skilled advocate and can assist his clients in receiving favorable outcomes in all criminal matters.  Contact Michael Redenburg for a consultation today.

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