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If you or someone you love has been accused of domestic violence or assault, the time to seek assistance from a criminal defense attorney is now. Once the police have been called into a domestic violence situation, it is no longer something the family can deal with alone, it is a criminal matter.

Michael Redenburg, Esq. represents defendants who have been involved in domestic disputes and accused of domestic violence, as well as defendants who have had charges filed against them as the result of contentious divorce proceedings and child custody disputes. Michael believes that everyone accused of domestic violence or assault deserves to be skillfully represented and to have their side of the story told.

There is too much at risk for you to try to fight the accusations by yourself.  A charge of domestic abuse can destroy your life. Simply being accused of domestic violence can stigmatize you because your family, friends, and the police may believe that you are guilty based on your arrest alone, regardless of the facts.

As the prosecution process continues, your family relationships, employment, and home life can be threatened. Unfortunately, even false allegations can lead to serious penalties. Courts routinely issue temporary orders of protection while cases are working their way through the system that require the accused to stay away from the home, school, business, or place of employment of the accuser. Violating a temporary order of protection can result in additional charges, which further complicates an already complex situation.

One of the common questions asked in these types of cases is, "Can my wife drop the charges? She wants to drop the charges." Unfortunately, it is not that simple once an arrest is made. Once the person who called the police, or the complainant, has signed a supporting deposition, the prosecutor will continue with the case even if without the cooperation of the complainant. Sometimes all that is needed is a DIR, or Domestic Incident Report, which is usually done at the time of arrest. In fact, the government can even take the case to trial without the complainant's cooperation in some instances. The prosecutor will simply call the officer who made the arrest at the time to testify as to what the complainant reported.

Being forced to live outside of the home because there is a protective order in place can make it difficult or more expensive for you to get to your job. Unfortunately, that does not stop the courts from forcing the accused to pay for both the original home and the separate living area a protective order requires. The cost of maintaining two households can be overwhelming, yet it is often something the defendant is expected to bear.

If you are convicted of domestic violence or assault, you could be sentenced to jail time, required to do community service, ordered to pay fines, required to attend counseling or anger management classes, and/or be placed on probation. Protective orders can also be imposed that  separate you from your family, including your children, while the criminal case proceeds.

The court system takes accusations of domestic violence very seriously, which means that it can be difficult to have charges dropped once they are filed.  But, it is not impossible. Your family, your reputation, and your life are worth fighting for, and an attorney who is experienced in these types of situations understands that and is ready to help.

Michael Redenburg is an experienced criminal defense attorney in New York City that has been able to help many clients facing domestic violence charges tell their side of the story, and in many cases, clear their good name.  By keeping the firm small, he is able to provide personalized attention to clients who are in need of advice, support, and a strong advocate in this very serious matter.

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