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In New York, minors who are accused of a crime may be prosecuted differently than adults. For example, in Brooklyn a minor charged with a crime may have his proceeding held at 320 Jay Street. Rather than a prosecutor like in criminal court, the matter will be handled by an City Lawyer called an Assistant Corporation Counsel (ACC). Generally speaking, the goal of the court, including the judge and the assistant corporation counsel handling the case, is not to prosecute the minor like an adult individual would be prosecuted in criminal court. Rather, the overarching goal is to rehabilitate the minor, make him admit his wrongful conduct and understand the consequences he will face if such an event happens again. For example, a minor charged with an offense, which would otherwise be a criminal charge, may be eligible to receive an ACD as long as he continues to attend school regularly, keep his grades up and reports to a probation officer as required.

It is important to have a criminal defense lawyer in your corner when your child is facing criminal charges to ensure that he or she has the benefit of effective counsel and defense. Contact New York City (NYC) criminal defense attorney Michael Redenburg as soon as possible for a consultation. He serves clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens.

Juvenile Crimes

A juvenile crime may be any criminal offense, including driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, shoplifting and other theft crimes, vandalism, trespassing, drug charges, carjacking, gang crimes, assault, battery, and weapons charges. The effect of a criminal conviction can be very damaging to a minor's future, putting academic and career opportunities at risk.

Under New York law, a juvenile who has committed an act that would constitute a crime if it were committed by an adult can face consequences from a family court. Such dispositions include conditional discharge, probation, placement (removal from the family home), and restrictive placement (placement in a jurisdictional facility).

Work with a Manhattan Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer

Because of the adverse consequences that can occur to a juvenile following a juvenile offense, it is vital that you work with a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the New York juvenile legal process. Attorney Michael Redenburg can help defend juvenile offenders throughout the greater New York City (NYC) area and stands ready to assist you and your son or daughter with capable and effective legal representation.  Call (212)240-9645 for a consultation today.

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