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Solicitation in New York City

Have you been charged with solicitation? Solicitation is usually connected with paying a prostitute for sexual services but it can also mean communicating with someone to arrange a sexual encounter. If you have been charged with solicitation, you should talk to a Manhattan criminal defense lawyer because this is a serious charge and you will need competent and experienced legal defense. Solicitation can be either buying or selling sexual acts. It can include contacting another person for the purpose of sex by such means as texting, phone calls and internet conversations. If you have solicited sex with a minor you can be facing federal charges, prison time, large fines and being registered as a sex offender.

The NYPD has been known to be "cracking down" on solicitation or the offering of prostitution. One way this may occur is that a man will contact a woman who places an ad online offering escort services. They arrange to meet at a hotel and the escort agrees over the phone to perform certain sexual services for a certain fee. When the escort arrives at the agreed upon location, usually a hotel, the woman is met by NYPD officers and arrested.

Solicitation Defense Lawyer in New York City (NYC)

A solicitation charge can result in a felony conviction, depending on the circumstances of the charge. These circumstances include how the solicitation was made: if it was face to face or through a phone conversation or the internet, for example. Other circumstances include if there was prostitution, the age of the person contacted and if you have any prior record. As solicitation charges can result in felony convictions, you need to have an experienced criminal defense attorney like Michael Redenburg representing you. A solicitation conviction will have a huge and negative impact on your life. Being registered as a sex offender means a huge loss of liberty because you will no longer be able to live where you chose and your movements will be closely monitored. This will also have a bad effect on your future employment potential as employers shun people with a sex offender record. Call this law office today to get the help you need in defending these charges. Attorney Michael Redenburg will work aggressively to defend your rights and liberty.

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