The Most Dangerous Intersections Located in New York City

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According to the City’s publicly available data, there are certain intersections located throughout Manhattan and beyond that are statistically more dangerous than others. While auto accidents and pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, it is worth being aware of intersections that are particularly dangerous and using extra caution when in these areas.

Below are listed the most dangerous intersections throughout New York City along with the approximate number of collisions that take place at these intersections each year.

Approximately 100 accidents per year


Approximately 100 Accidents per year


Approximately 100 collisions per year


About 100 crashes per year


Approximately 100 Accidents annually


About 100 crashes per year


About 180 accidents per year


Approximately 115 collisions a year


About 130 accidents per year


Approximately 140 crashes per year


135 accidents per year


About 150 collisions per year


110 crashes per year


Approximately 100 accidents annually


110 accidents per year


About 110 collisions per year


Approximately 110 accidents annually


About 95 crashes per year


Approximately 95 accidents annually


About 90 collisions per year


Approximately 90 accidents per year


About 90 crashes annually


About 90 collisions per year


Approx. 95 crashes a year


About 90 accidents annually

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