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Each weekday in Manhattan parents throughout the City of New York place their children on school buses and trust that school bus drivers will treat their children with the utmost care – as precious cargo. However, there are many different things that can go wrong. For example, a school bus driver’s error while operating the school bus in Manhattan may cause an accident.  Additionally, children are often times full of energy and become rowdy on the bus which may cause the school bus driver to be distracted, leading to an unexpected collision. If your child was hurt on one of New York City’s school buses, you need to hire an attorney experienced in Manhattan school bus accidents to protect your child’s interests. Attorney Michael J. Redenburg has successfully handled many bus accidents throughout the boroughs of NYC.

Can a Child File a Lawsuit After a School Bus Accident in Manhattan?

The answer is NO. A child cannot file a lawsuit, but rather, the child’s parent or natural guardian must file the lawsuit on the infant’s behalf. If the lawsuit on behalf of the child injured in a school bus accident results in a settlement or verdict after trial, then the child’s monetary proceeds will be placed in a special account for the child’s benefit, and will remain in the account until the child reaches the age of eighteen (18) years. If the parent or natural guardian of the child believes that the money is needed for the child’s benefit before the infant reaches the age of 18, the child’s lawyer may ask the court to allow some of the funds to be disbursed earlier; but there generally has to be a pretty compelling reason, and it is up to the judge to decide. I recently represented a child who received a settlement following a car accident, and thereafter, the child’s mother wanted to allow the funds to be used for the child’s school trip to another country. In this case, the judge decided that the funds could be used before the child attained the age of eighteen because the trip would be beneficial for the child and without access to the lawsuit settlement proceeds, the child’s mother was without the financial resources to pay for the trip.

What are the Causes of Manhattan School Bus Accidents?

While there are many different causes of school bus accidents in Manhattan, NYC, some of the more common reasons are:

Who Can be Held Accountable for a Manhattan School Bus Crash?

If your child was injured on the way to class, a NYC School Bus Accident Lawyer can litigate on your child’s behalf if they were injured in an accident as the result of someone else’s negligence. Call Michael J. Redenburg at 212-518-2095 or go online.

Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. P.C.

In over a decade of legal practice, Attorney Michael Redenburg began his career defending cases for the clients of insurance companies. Initially defending no-fault claims at a Long Island-based law firm, he then moved on to a Manhattan-based firm where he defended the clients of insurance carriers in auto accident and premises liability matters.

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