What Are the Causes of Sideswipe Accidents in NYC?

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While who is at fault in a NYC rear-end accident can often time be readily determinable, auto accidents occurring as the result of a sideswipe on the NYC roadways can be more difficult when it comes to apportioning liability or fault. The stories of each of the drivers involved in a sideswipe accident will almost always be different and so it is important to check for witnesses in the area of the car accident in case their statements or testimony is needed later on. There are generally two different types of sideswipe collisions: opposite direction sideswipe car accidents and same direction sideswipe auto accidents.  By definition, sideswiping accidents involve the sides of two or more automobiles colliding, irrespective of the direction they were traveling.

Causes of NYC Sideswipe Accidents

While the causes of sideswipe car accidents that occur in New York City are numerous, some of the more common reasons are:

Common Injuries in a Side-Swipe Car Accident

Some of the more common injuries in a sideswipe car accident are neck and back injuries which often times do not onset until the next day and sometimes not until days later. Broken bones are also possible if the sideswipe caused the vehicle you were in to strike another car or stationary objects such as a pole or fire hydrant.

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