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There is no shortage of personal injury attorneys in New York City, but when you have suffered a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior, you want a lawyer with superior credentials, in-depth knowledge of the law, and well-developed courtroom skills -- you want the services of Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. P.C.

Michael J. Redenburg, Esq.

Michael J.
Redenburg, Esq. P.C.

Unlike many law firms who look to obtain settlements and avoid court proceedings, our practice is ready and able to hold the party liable for your injury accountable in a court of law. Our goal is to win you sufficient damages not only to pay your existing medical costs, but to provide you and your family with the money you will need going forward. Because we are aware of the financial burdens you carry, we will not charge you any attorneys’ fees until we win your case.

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Rearend Car Accident

Settlement for client that was rearended and required anterior cervical fusion and anterior interbody fusion surgery.

Class Action Settlement

Class Action Settlement vs KMart on behalf of Loss Prevention Managers Misclassified as Exempt

Arbitration Award

Auto Accident: Fractured Wrist w/o Surgery

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He Will Fight For the Maximum Compensation You Deserve

Founder and lead attorney of Michael J. Redenburg, is a NY Metro Super Lawyer, a NY Metro Rising Star (Thomson Reuters), a Top 40 Under 40 Attorney (American Society of Legal Advocates and The National Trial Lawyers), and has a 10.0 Superb rating by Avvo. These honors place him in the top 1 to 2 percent of attorneys nationwide.

He has litigated successfully in the Eastern District of NY, the Southern District of NY, and state courts throughout the five boroughs and the surrounding counties of Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester. Even more important to his grateful clients is his 10-year track record of winning substantial verdicts, and his reputation for combining legal clout with genuine compassion. When you become his client, you can rest assured he will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

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What constitutes a personal injury lawsuit?

According to civil law, everyone has a legal obligation to behave with reasonable care while engaging in conduct that may foreseeably harm others. This means that when you are driving, you are required to drive safely, not recklessly, not while impaired by substances, not while distracted by an electronic device. It also means that you have a legal responsibility to keep your property safe for those who come onto it, a responsibility known as “premises liability.”

Worker using a safety harness
Premises Liability

An example of the latter is that you must clean up any slippery surfaces or mark them with visible caution signs to prevent any person at your home, store, or office from sustaining a slip and fall injury. If you fail to do either, you are liable for the damages incurred by anyone with whom you collide on the road or anyone who slips, falls, and suffers serious injury as a result of the puddle on your floor. Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. P.C. is dedicated to protecting those who suffer serious injury as a result of another’s failure to meet “duty of care” standards and to winning them the compensation to which they are entitled.

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What Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. P.C. Can Do for You

During the aftermath of your accident, you are no doubt emotionally traumatized as well as physically incapacitated. Our practice will take over all logistical matters involving your lawsuit and insurance negotiations and fight aggressively to win you the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys are talented legal advocates, well-equipped to:

  • Deal directly with opposing attorneys and insurance adjusters
  • Investigate the site of your accident and keep a written and visual record of our findings
  • Closely examine police records and medical reports
    Investigate the defendant’s history to uncover any evidence of previous misconduct
  • Interview witnesses
  • Make certain that all documents are filed efficiently and meet legal deadlines
  • Consult with experts in related fields (e.g. medicine, forensic auto mechanics) who may be able to bolster your case during trial

Though committed to keeping you in the loop about how your case is proceeding, we also understand your need for rest during your recovery and will contact you only when necessary.

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Let Us Be Your First Call
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Personal Injury Cases We Handle

You have the right to seek compensation for all damages if another party has injured you – but you are likely unsure about the actual value of your case. At Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. P.C., we will help you pursue the maximum possible compensation in damages. Our experience allows us to correctly value your case, based upon the facts, and move forward with legal action.

Car after a crash on the highway
  • Car accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Taxi accidents
  • Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Accidents resulting in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Accidents resulting in spinal cord injuries

As you can see, we often deal with motor vehicle accidents, so we frequently handle cases involving DWI, hit-and-run accidents, traffic accidents that injure pedestrians at crosswalks, and accidents involving multiple vehicles.

Partially At Fault For The Accident? We May Still Be Able to Win You Damages

New York is a pure comparative negligence state which means that even if you bear a portion of the blame for the accident in which you were injured, you are legally entitled to monetary compensation. You will, however, have the percentage of fault assigned to you by the court deducted from the damages it awards you. So, if you are awarded $100,000 in damages and found to be 10 percent at fault, you will actually receive $90,000.

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Damages Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. P.C. Will Work Tirelessly To Obtain for You
We are well aware that, in addition to physical pain and emotional stress, your recent accident has likely left you with financial difficulties as a result of high medical bills and your temporary or permanent loss of income.

Having had over a decade of experience with cases like yours and having won verdicts throughout New York City, we have the agile litigation skills to provide you with compensation for any of the following that apply:

Woman injured after a car accident
  • Medical, surgical, and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income, present and future
  • Property damage or loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional harm
  • Permanent disability
  • Permanent scarring or other disfigurement
  • Extended nursing care
  • Alterations to your home to make it accessible
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of household services
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
We Promise to Fight Hard and Long to Bring You Some Measure of justice

If you and your family have suffered the tragic loss of a loved one to wrongful death, our law firm will offer you the legal representation you need to get through this ordeal. Though we know we can never fill the void left by the person you lost, we promise to fight hard and long to bring you some measure of justice by providing you with an award for final medical expenses, funeral costs, and loss of financial and emotional support.

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